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Gallery - Oslo Open 2022

Gallery of Oslo Open at Grand Hotel Oslo

In September, the Oslo Florist Association held the Oslo Open at the beautiful Grand Hotel in the center of Oslo. Nordiq was a sponsor of the beautiful event.
Stein Are was in charge of the decorations and was helped by Veslemøy and Anne Guri from Blomsterstemming, Linda and Malin from Sveio Blomster, Hedda from Interflora Strømmen, Karin Opsahl and Christin Bergh. It was a big job, as the plan was to be more beautifully decorated than at the Nobel Peace Prize awarding ceremony! There it was!

The open championship had 26 participants and four from Denmark - Katharina Albrechtsen, Dan Xavier, Karoline Brask Pedersen and Elsebeth Pedersen.
Katharina Albrechtsen won SILVER and Karoline Brask Pedersen won BRONZE. The GOLD medal went to Eilin Katarina Melkersen. 🥇 Congratulations to all of them.

There were two tasks. One was a column of flowers. The other a Flower Hat / Jewelry. In the pictures you can see the two tasks that the participants had to do during Saturday. As well as pictures from the evening's party and the participants' beautiful flower decorations.