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BIO - series

BIO series - the sustainable choice

The bio products are made from biodegradable plant fibers and stems from bamboo, rice, coffee shells, corn and nutshells. Residual products from agricultural production that are normally burned.
Every season we change some of the colors so we can always offer the latest new colors and style.
The products have a lifespan of approx. 5 years, and can subsequently be composted. For outdoor use, the service life is approx. Three years.

Support the environment extra by combining them with FibreFloral ™ Design Media and our string, ribbon and wrapping marked with Nordiq Nature Care or FSC®


Marketing package

If you buy BIO products, a marketing package is included, which tells about the environmentally friendly BIO series.

Contents: 1 A3 sign + 1 A4 sign + Small leaflets for the products.

We also have large banners / posters 1 øre pr. PCS.

Produced from organic materials

The plant fibers are crushed into powder, which is mixed with natural color and pressed under great pressure into molds.

The production process provides a strong and light material that is perfect for those who want a green lifestyle.