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Enjoy life - it's delicious!

Enjoy is a unique and exclusive range of specialties, which have been developed especially for the flower industry. The Enjoy series is made in a delicious and complete design that makes gift baskets a beautiful gift, regardless of the combination of products.

The series consists of products that can be enjoyed by everyone - all year round. The series is suitable for all seasons and occasions.

The prices are also very reasonable, so it is possible for you as a store to make a good profit on the sale.


Sweets and Chocolate

Selected products that are beautiful in the gift basket and at the same time taste really good.

We offer several different boxes of delicious handmade chocolate, tailored specifically for your gift basket. In addition, there are various chocolate balls with licorice filling and Finnish licorice.

We have a multitude of different chocolate balls in colored wrapping paper and various flavors in caramels..

Furthermore fine red chocolate hearts - perfect for decorating the gift basket or the decoration.

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Nuts and Snacks

We also have several different nut blends. Perfect for gift baskets with wine or beer.

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Non-alcoholic wine

We have two delicious sparkling wines without alcohol:

Cero Sparkling Chardonnay

Cero Sparkling Rosé

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