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Diederich Candles

Quality and Design since 1965

Since 1965, at Diederich Candles, we have been dipping our candles in Hasselager, just outside Aarhus. This makes us Denmark's oldest candle-making workshop with continuous production in Denmark, and we take pride in that.

Certified Soot-Free

Tested by the Technical Institute

Diederich Lys ensures thorough quality control of their candles. Among other measures, their candles have been tested for soot emission by the Technical Institute in Aarhus, contributing to a soot-free burning experience when proper burning practices are followed.


The candles were placed in a cabinet of approximately 1/3 cubic meter with an open door to allow air supply but not draft. Petri dishes were placed in the cabinet to capture any falling soot. After the candles had burned down, the petri dishes were visually examined and reweighed.
The Technical Institute could not detect any formed soot.


The manufacturing process of pillar candles is called "cold compression," meaning that paraffin powder is compressed around the wick under a pressure of up to 2 tons.

This very hard compression ensures the longest burning time in the market.

Dipped candles are also produced using the finest raw materials, with the wick dipped in liquid paraffin, which is approximately 65 degrees Celsius.


None of the candles are through-colored. The color is dissolved in a special wax with a melting point a few degrees higher than the core wax. The candles are dipped twice in this wax. The color layers ensure that all candles burn evenly and without drips.

The Best Raw Materials

In the pursuit of creating candles of the finest quality, Diederich Lys has carefully selected the best raw material suppliers in Europe, all distinguished by being certified RAL GZ 041 suppliers.

The candles are made from 100% fully refined pure and food-grade prepared high-quality paraffin. The wicks are specifically tailored to each candle type and size, meeting the strict Oeko-Tex 100 standard. This guarantees, among other things, that the wicks do not contain lead or harmful chemicals and, therefore, do not emit lead during burning.

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